WSOP Brazil: Carlos Serrano leads field of 6 challengers

Carlos Serrano leads star-studded final stage of R...

There will be plenty of decisions to be made on a crucial Wednesday at the 2024 WSOP Brazil, with five players set to walk away with rings. In the 6-player challenge with a buy-in of R$5,000, 11 of the 72 registered players qualified for judging, including several big names.

The chip leader is Colombian player Carlos Serrano. Better known as “breadcrumbs”. The star ended the first day with 684,000 in chips. Next to him, bracelet holder Paulo Joanello wanted to combine the jewelry with 615,000 chips.

Also advanced Others include Luis Kamei (571,000), Thiago Tsukamoto (388,000), Celso Sirtoli (384,000), José Carlos Barbosa (329,000), Hanibaal El Saneh (283,000), Francisco Neto (119,000), Michael Flanagan (72,000), Isabella Costa ( 58,000) and Armed Sareddine (24,000).

As with other decisions, the time is set for 1 p.m. The blinds are back up to 6,000/12,000 with a huge blind ante. The minimum ITM for all 11 entrants is R$8,500, while the future champion will receive a WSOP ring and R$82,100.

Carlos Serrano leads star-studded final stage of R...

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  • Runolfsdottir.kendrick

    I think it’s an exciting and intense situation with plenty of big names and high stakes at the 2024 WSOP Brazil. The chip leader, Carlos Serrano, known as breadcrumbs, is in a good position to win the tournament and take home the WSOP ring and a significant cash prize.

  • This text provides information on the high stakes and intense competition at the 2024 WSOP Brazil event. With several big names and skilled players vying for the WSOP ring and cash prize, the final decisions on the crucial Wednesday will be crucial and exciting to watch.

  • Jannie.feeney

    This text provides an overview of the 2024 WSOP Brazil event, highlighting the players and their chip counts going into a crucial Wednesday. With five players set to win rings and a significant cash prize at stake, the pressure will be on for the remaining competitors.

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