Winamax Poker Tour 23-24 Heading to Winaneta

Winamax Poker Tour 23-24 Heading to Winaneta

The Mysterious WiPT €250 Live Qualifier marks the official start of the third edition of the Winamax Poker Tour live phase. These tournaments create a festival to keep us busy in the short term, with matches every day until next Sunday, which will lead to the Finals in a few months, which will also be held in Torellodo in February 2024 Held at the Gran Madrid Casino in Nes.

The Madrid venue is transformed into a medieval castle and the next sword holder may be ready to begin their adventure.

WiPT is for players If you’re not used to live poker, here’s an easy, fun and free way to try out the social features of our game.

This is a beginners circuit and there could not be a better setting to host another live premiere, the new season of the Winamax TV show “La Winaneta“. Weiner’s usual sports news commentatorsJosejo Sarría, Nazar Tan and Martina Mozowill display their casual tone in a special live broadcast from the Casino on Saturday, October 7. Starting at 1:30 PM

To give these newcomers to the circuit the welcome they deserve, we will stay a little longer at the end of the show to celebrate the start of Winaneta with a little entertainment:Wina Neta Quiz! From 2:30pm, those in attendance will have the chance to take part in interactive quizzes and win gifts and clothing from the Winamax store.

If you come to the inauguration of WiPT in Torrelodones at 3pm… you will be rewarded! The most punctual person will receive a €5 free bet and be invited to enjoy snacks and drinks in the casino bar while enjoying a live show from La Winaneta. ⚽

See you soon! 👊

— Winamax Poker (@Winamax_Espana) October 5, 2023

After playing trivia and getting something to eat, it’s now 4:00pm , it’s time to play something and let visitors get a real card for the first time in a freeroll, which is the heart and soul of this WiPT. You have to qualify online to participate in this tournament, and the WiPT will be awarded next February. Finals tickets.

Poker10 will be in Torrelodones wishing you a safe trip in Winaneta and your first qualification for Putting a Face to Grand Final Tournament, live broadcast follow-up activities will focus on the WiPT Main Event. But until then, anyone who wants to come to the casino to play the Mystics, Royal Omaha or Dash can enter the tournament starting today in WiPT’s new mini-festival format launching this season.

Winamax Poker Tour 23-24 Heading to Winaneta

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    The text provides information about the WiPT €250 Live Qualifier and the start of the Winamax Poker Tour live phase. It highlights the beginner-friendly nature of the event and mentions various activities and promotions taking place, including interactive quizzes and the opportunity to win gifts.

  • This text is promoting the Mysterious WiPT €250 Live Qualifier as the start of the Winamax Poker Tour live phase. It highlights the opportunity for beginners to try out live poker and mentions the interactive quizzes and rewards available for attendees. Overall, it seems like an exciting event for poker enthusiasts.

  • This text describes the start of the third edition of the Winamax Poker Tour live phase, with tournaments leading up to the Finals in February 2024. It also mentions a special live broadcast and interactive quizzes for participants, showcasing the social aspect of the game. Overall, it seems like an exciting and engaging event for both experienced players and newcomers to live poker.

  • This text describes the upcoming WiPT €250 Live Qualifier for the third edition of the Winamax Poker Tour. It mentions various activities and events, including competitions, live broadcasts, and quiz games, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere for participants. Overall, it seems like an exciting opportunity for poker players to experience live tournaments and socialize in a fun environment.

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