“S1NISTRO” Battle HR from Suprema Brazil

“S1NISTRO” Battle HR from Suprema Brazil

On Wednesday the 29th, ‘S1NISTRO’ announced the winner of the R$300 Battle HR 300K GTD in a very tight straight race at Suprema Brazil. With his victory, his balance increased by 44,347 reais. A total of 954 participants took part in the competition.

In the R$750 HighS 75K GTD competition, the ‘VENOM 32’ emerged victorious from a field of 79 entrants and took home R$21,332 in prize money. See other results:

See other results:

R$ 550 Omax HR 50K GTD (67 entries)

Winner: ” Ibrahimovic” R$ 13,533

Event 159 SMS: R$ 30 plus 100K GTD (2,190 entrants)

Winner: “Par Macho 22” R$ 13,285

Event 160 SMS: R$75 Re-entry 50K GTD (683 participants)

Winner: “Kemper” R$ 9,097

Event 158 ​​SMS: R$ 55 Battle 50K GTD (883 entrants)

Winner: “leowski” R$ 7,402

“S1NISTRO” Battle HR from Suprema Brazil

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