Lucas Farias wins KOSS event 9-M

Lucas Farias wins KOSS event 9-M

KOSS’s actions never stop. After a stunning win streak on Monday, Suprema had a series of huge successes yesterday.

In Event 9-M: R$250 Battle HR, Lucas “Valentina69” Farias defeated 895 opponents to win R$28,885.

At the top of the podium in Event 3-H: R$1,000 HighS is “Dinneno9”. The first of 85 participants, he deposited with a bonus of R$ 25,530.

Meet the other winners:

Event 4-H: R$ 750 Omax HR (74 entries)

Winner: “Mrs. Smith” R$ 19,559

R$ 150 Big Plus (382 entries)

Winner: “DurOne” 18,162 € p>

Event 10-L: €75 Mystery (1,381 entrants)

Winner: “WuBrocaCara” R $9,949

Lucas Farias wins KOSS event 9-M

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  • It seems like KOSS had a successful week with multiple wins in various events, showcasing their skill and consistency in online gaming. The large cash prizes won by the players highlight the competitive nature of these tournaments.

  • It seems like KOSS has been on a winning streak with multiple successful events recently. The amount of money won by the winners is quite impressive, showing that they are skilled in their respective games.

  • It sounds like KOSS had a very successful week with multiple impressive wins in different events. The winners took home significant prizes, showing their skill and dedication in their respective tournaments.

  • Arnaldo.gorczany

    It sounds like KOSS has been having a series of impressive wins, with multiple players coming out on top in various events. The amounts won by the winners are also very substantial, suggesting a high level of skill and success in these competitions.

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