Kelvin Kerber hits AA and finishes seventh in WCOOP Main Event

Kelvin Kerber hits AA and finishes seventh in WCOO...

The WCOOP Main Event Senior Championship once again missed out on Brazil. Kelvin Kerber was the country’s only representative in the playoffs but failed to make it past the sevens stage. The driver for account “Kelvin_FP:AR” was eliminated in a cooler race and won $159,597.

Kelvin couldn’t be off to a better start for the Financial Times. On hand seven, he played A♠A♥ and was involved in a preflop all-in against Niklas “Lena900” Astedt. Dominated by K ♦K♠, the Swede lost the match on 8♥J♥10♦5♣4 and saw the Brazilian double his stack.

Soon after, Kayhan “KayhanMok” Mokri lost all his chips. The owner of 13 big blinds, he pretended to go all-in before calling a raise from Argentina’s Juan “xPastorcitox” Pastor with 9♣9♠. With K ♦Q , the Norwegian could not find any out cards on the 7♠2♥8♠6♥5♠ board.

The pastor didn’t stop there. In a blind war, he immediately called Mario “livinmydream1” Mosböck’s opening all-in and brought A♣6♣ to the table. With K♣4♠, the Austrians gave up when the board showed 2♠10♠8♥9♦A♥.

At the next level, Kelvin also fell by the wayside. At the beginning of the game he raised to 900,000 directly from UTG. Ivan “ILS007” Stokes Jr. then raised to 3,400,000. After the big fold, Kelvin increased to 6,600,000, leaving 11,042,616. Without thinking twice, Stokes pushed his chip into the middle of the table. Kelvin shouted, revealing Q♥Q♦. With A♠A♠, Stokes didn’t let the 5♠2♠2♣5Checkout board surprise him and extended his lead.

Kelvin’s tormentor, Stokes, held the lead until he heard a scream. The champion was ejected. In total, he won $1,047,257.

Final Result

1. Ivan “ILS007” Stokes (UK) $1,047,257

2 >4. Niklas “Lena900” Astedt (Sweden) $408,827

5. Leonard “Grozzorg” Maue (Germany) $298,791

6. Jamil “Jamil11” Wakil (Canada) $218,372

7. Kelvin “Kelvin_FP:AR” Kerber (Brazil) $159,597

8. Mario “livinmydream1” Mosböck (Austria) $116,642

9. Kayhan “KayhanMok’ Mokri (Norway) $94,330

Kelvin Kerber hits AA and finishes seventh in WCOO...

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  • This text describes the performance of Brazilian player Kelvin Kerber in the WCOOP Main Event Senior Championship. Unfortunately, Kelvin did not make it past the sevens stage, but he won $159,597. The text also mentions other players who were eliminated or achieved higher rankings in the championship.

  • This text is providing a summary of the WCOOP Main Event Senior Championship, noting that Kelvin Kerber was the only representative from Brazil but was eliminated in the sevens stage. The text also highlights other players and their earnings in the tournament.

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