FSOP: Gurgel wins HR, Gui Alves leads ME Day 1A

Rodrigo Gurgel wins Candangão High Roller FSOP tit...

In poker events, the traditional high roller event is often one of the focal points for players because of its high prize pool and the allure of winning a tournament of this size. The FSOP in Candangão was no different, with Rodrigo Gurgel emerging victorious after three days of intense competition.

The regular player from Brasilia moved to the P2w club and deftly won the qualifying round of 84 entrants. R$3,000 buy-in tournament. Rodrigo Gurgel took home the beautiful FSOP trophy and a share of the prize pool of R$51,250.

Gurgel defeated Pedro Henrique Prado in the heads-up match and finished second for a prize of R$ 43,000. Meanwhile, third-place finisher Douglas Mendez was awarded R$26,000. Players reaching the High Roller final table include Humberto Alencar, Alexandre Kleftakis, Aurélio dos Santos, Mateus Rocha, Rafael Pereira and Daniel Brito.

The champion dominated the final table and took a huge lead in heads-up play. In the final hand, Gurgel held A6 preflop against Pedro Prado’s K9 and managed to hit top pair of 844A6 to end the game.

See the prize pool final table:

1. Location – Rodrigo Gurgel – R$ 51,2502nd place – Pedro Enrique Prado – R$ 43,0003rd Place – Douglas Mendez – R$26,0004th place – Humberto Alencar – R$ 18,3505th place – Alexander Klevtakis – R$ 13,5006th place – Aurélio dos Santos – R$ 10,0007th place – Mateus Rocha – R$ 8,0008th place – Rafael Pereira – R$ 6,5009th Place – Daniel Brito – R$ 5,400

View the last hand:

The FSOP Main Event also begins on Wednesday. The buy-in is R$1,000 and the guarantee is R$400,000, with 123 entrants registered on Day 1A. Good luck to Guilherme Alves, the chip leader with 441,000 chips.

There are six qualifying matches remaining in the tournament until Day 2 next Sunday.

Rodrigo Gurgel wins Candangão High Roller FSOP tit...

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