Foxens strikes again, this time with Alex at the helm, winning the $25,000 Lucky Hearts Poker Open

Foxens strikes again, this time with Alex at the h...

The family is pure happiness. The new season is off to a great start for the two multiple Player of the Year winners in their respective categories.

At the first Poker Go Tour festival of the season, Kristen put in a stellar performance to win the $10,000 tournament. With the chips she won from Alex in the cooler, she prevailed at the final table.

A week later, the two met again at an internationally significant final table, the $25k High Roller event at the Lucky Hearts Poker Open.

This time, there was no direct showdown between the couples, with chip leader Kevin Rabichow Kristen taking the place of all four kings in the game, splitting the chips between both players and the flop , except Rabichow was able to complete a full house with another pair. Kristen finished fourth.

Rabichow also defeated Thomas Boivin, the defending champion of the $25,000 Hard Rock Poker Showdown tournament hosted by the same casino. In Florida.

As happened with Kristen in Aria, Alex was at a heads-up disadvantage and with a wide range of bet sizes, a very value situation came back. He went all-in on the AA749 table, triggered a high-Q call, and couldn’t beat his JJ.

Foxens strikes again, this time with Alex at the h...

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  • Joannie.senger

    This text discusses the success and performances of two multiple Player of the Year winners in their respective categories in poker tournaments. It describes their victories, defeats, and encounters with other players at various events, showcasing their skills and experiences in the game.

  • Chandler.hoeger

    This text is describing the success of a family in professional poker tournaments, with both individuals performing well and winning significant prizes. However, it also highlights moments of disappointment and defeat, showcasing the ups and downs of competitive poker.

  • This text is an exciting recount of poker tournament victories and challenges for the two Player of the Year winners. While Kristen had a stellar performance at the first tournament, Alex faced tough competition but still put up a good fight.

  • This text highlights the success of a family of poker players in various tournaments, with one member winning a $10,000 tournament and another member finishing fourth in a $25,000 High Roller event. It also mentions the defeat of the defending champion by one of the family members in another tournament.

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