EPT Paris, Day 7: Guillermo Gordo takes the podium in FPS €2k HR and sets record in EPT ME

EPT Paris, Day 7: Guillermo Gordo takes the podium...

The final table of the French Poker Series €2k High Roller was resolved in the most detrimental way to our interests.

Guille Gordo and Omar del Pino unexpectedly entered the final table with four players due to lack of time the day before, and were subsequently eliminated one by one to make way for HU, who was without the Spaniard.

The cheers were loud at first when Guille, who had only reached 5 BB on the previous day, defeated chip leader Henrik Juncker twice in a row. Additionally, a Riverazo was included for the second time.

Omar also did his part, being more of a sandboxer, when JJ went down and faced off against Dane, who pushed heads up Q7 with both hands and abused ICM.

Unfortunately, Juncker’s introduction was significant and he was still covering Omar when the game started. Not only was Junker’s 99 a perfect counterpoint to the Spaniard’s AQ, but the flop also brought a 9 to emphasize the elimination(4th, €185,590).

The craziness of people signing up for the EPT is related to the subsequent table changes. Immediately after this move, Guille offered K9 a blind war against the chip leader, with Junker beating A9 (3rd place, €238,700).

HU favors a very unbalanced Dane, 46M to 7M, even though Parker Talbot started well, there was a lot of boating and trying to avoid dangers, like going all-in with a dominant ace, this hand It ultimately destroyed him.

EPT Paris, Day 7: Guillermo Gordo takes the podium...

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  • The text describes the final table of the French Poker Series €2k High Roller tournament, highlighting the unexpected eliminations of Guille Gordo and Omar del Pino. It also discusses key hands and plays that led to the eventual winner, Henrik Juncker, taking down the tournament.

  • The text discusses the final table of a poker tournament where two players from Spain were eliminated before heads-up play, ultimately leading to a victory for a Danish player. The outcome was not favorable for the Spanish players, with one being eliminated in 4th place and the other in 3rd place after some intense gameplay.

  • The text describes a dramatic outcome at the final table of a poker tournament, with players being eliminated in unexpected ways. The eventual winner had a significant chip advantage and made strategic moves to secure victory, despite facing challenges from other players.

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