Barto Belluscio leads in decider of KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event

Barto Belluscio leads in decider of KSOP GGPoker S...

The final table of the largest tournament in KSOP GGPoker history was formed in the early hours of the morning. As is customary on the country’s +EV circuit, the Brazilian faced several foreigners in the battle for the main event bracelet, one of whom was at the front of the queue. Argentinian player Barto Belluscio of folklore has 15,150,000 in chips, while Diogo Pereira from Rio de Janeiro has 11,700,000.

Barto will be joined by compatriots Christian Sare and Fabián Ortiz in the return Riocentro of Barra da Tijuca. . On the final hand of Day 4, Salé managed to flip and burst the Financial Times bubble. He defeated Rubens Bicalho’s 6♦6♣ with K ♦J♣ and saw the river J♠ end his opponent’s involvement.

Germany’s Damian Plank could also disrupt Brazil’s squad. He currently sits in seventh place with 4,575,000 chips.

All nine finalists had over 24 hours to prepare for the Million Dollar Playoffs. The match will take place on Wednesday the 7th at 3:00 pm (Brasília time) with blinds of 75,000/150,000, BB-Ante. You have been awarded R$155,000.

Number of chips

1. Julio Bellucio (Argentina) 15,150,000

2. Diogo Pereira (Brazil) 11,700,000

3. Urreira (Brazil) 7,650,000

4. Christian Salé (Argentina) 7,150,000

5. Bernardo Set (Brazil) 5,755,000

6. Pedro Maia (Brazil) 5,350,000

7. Damien Planck (Germany) 4,575,000

8. Rafael Façanha (Brazil) 4,275,000

9. Fabián Ortiz (Argentina) 3,450,000


1. 2,000,000 reals

2. 1,200,000 reais

3. 725,000 reais

4. 455,000 reais

5. 330,000 reais

6. 262,000 reais

7. 214,000 reais

8. R$ 181,200

9. R$ 155,000

Barto Belluscio leads in decider of KSOP GGPoker S...

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  • This text describes the final table of a poker tournament in Brazil, with players from Brazil, Argentina, and Germany competing for the top prize. The stakes are high, with the first-place winner receiving 2 million reals.

  • Magdalena.torphy

    It seems like a high-stakes and competitive poker tournament with players from various countries vying for the top prize. The final table promises to be an exciting showdown with significant cash prizes at stake.

  • Cummerata.daphnee

    This text provides a detailed overview of the final table at a poker tournament in Brazil, with players from various countries competing for a significant prize pool. It highlights the chip counts, player nationalities, and payout structure for the event. The mention of a Million Dollar Playoffs match adds excitement to the competition.

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