WCOOP: ME Medium PLO Brazilian Quartet on Final Day

Fernando Viana,

The final stretch of WCOOP 2023 is exciting, and Brazil still has a chance to win the title in almost every major event of the series. In the $1,050 buy-in PLO Medium, there were four Brazilian players heading into the final day, with 17 remaining players out of 649 entries.

Fernando Viana is competing in the WSOP Online PLO tournament and he has been performing very well in recent days and is one of the qualifiers for the final day of WCOOP ME Medium. “fviana” secured the title with 5,824,352 chips. Another notable player is “yleo6” who entered the final round with 2,552,336 chips.

Also qualified is Victor Daniel Ignacio, “zerusbr” of Argentina. The star of Team Omaha4Five will control 1,902,480 chips. Finally, Bernardo Dias (“bedias”) from the 4Bet Poker team still had a chance to take the title despite being shorthanded with 764,629 chips.

Victor Ignácio

The chip leader is player “#Naktro91” from Andorra. He leads the pack with 10,509,645 chips. Daniel Dvoress “Oxota” (4,463,386), Jussi Nevanlinna “calvin7v” (2,223,260), Simon Mattsson “C.Darwin2” (1,908,171) and Yngve Steen “Sykoen” (624,756) are among the most famous players in this field.

The last day will be this Tuesday at 1:30 pm. The blinds are 35,000/70,000 and the ante is 7,000. The 17 survivors have earned $6,735 in prize money, with the future champion taking home $111,621 and the beautiful WCOOP trophy.

Fernando Viana,

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  • Hartmann.irwin

    This text provides an update on the WCOOP 2023 tournament, highlighting the chances for Brazilian players to win the title in various events. It also mentions the chip leaders and prize money involved, building anticipation for the final day of the tournament.

  • Alexandrine28

    The text provides an exciting update on the ongoing WCOOP 2023 tournament, highlighting the strong presence of Brazilian players in the final stretch. It also mentions the notable chip leaders and the potential prize money for the future champion.

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