Spain’s 17th win in Wednesday’s PokerStars regular tournament

Spain's 17th win in Wednesday's PokerStars regular...

Yesterday, the regular tournament was the main attraction for PokerStars MTT players.

Red Spade Room organized 6tournaments with prize money of over 10,000 euros. None of them resulted in a Spain victory.

However, in smaller regular tournaments, La Roja achieved a total of 17victories in MTTs. These are the Spanish winners from Wednesday:

The Spaniard won the 3Double and the Balance Sheet Positive for our team: 14First vs. 11Second place.

These are the results from Wednesday’s regular tournament with 5-figure prizes:

  1. JuDemOFF (Mini Thunder 10 Euros. Prize pool: €2,256.92. Number of games: 2,393. Prize pool: €21,537. Country: France).
  2. TolikFish1992 (Thunder £50. Prize pool: £2,963.20. Number of entries: 454. Prize pool: €20,430. Country: Kazakhstan).
  3. Magnus Futsal (Night) Star €100. Prize pool: €2,418.37. Venue: 134. Venue: 134. Prize pool: €12,500. Country: Brazil).
  4. Balbaloo (Bounty generator €10. Prize pool: 1,170.08 €. Number of entries: 1,099. Prize pool: 10,000 €. Country: France).
  5. ricardovanL (Big Bang €50. Prize pool: €2,340.40. Number of entries: 259. Prize pool: €11,655. Country: Portugal).
  6. ilyasova7 (Bounty Night €10. Prize Pool: €1,907.44. Number of Entrants: 1,976. Prize Pool: €17,784. Country: Kazakhstan).

Spain's 17th win in Wednesday's PokerStars regular...

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  • This text provides information about the recent poker tournaments organized by PokerStars, highlighting the absence of Spanish victories in the main tournaments but mentioning that La Roja achieved 17 victories in smaller ones. The text also lists the winners and prize pools of specific tournaments from Wednesday, featuring players from France, Kazakhstan, Brazil, and Portugal.

  • This text is providing information about the results of PokerStars MTT tournaments. It mentions that while Spain did not win any of the larger tournaments, they had 17 victories in smaller regular tournaments. It also highlights some of the winners and their respective countries.

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