Seidens jokes and ‘reveals’ reason for EPT win

In an interesting interview, Siddons reveals the

João Sydenstricker (or “Sydens”) made EPT Barcelona history by finishing second in the Series Main Event. With over €1 million in his account, the Samba Poker pro will go down in Brazilian poker history and be long remembered by those who followed the broadcast as a player who was a performer on many levels.

Sydens had an unforgettable EPT, both for his stellar performance in the game itself and the costumes and jokes he displayed throughout the six-day event. The charismatic samba player, now a millionaire, gave an interview to the team on Instagram, in which he jokingly discussed a number of topics in his characteristic way.

During a relaxed conversation with Victor Marques, he joked to Sydens about the success he had achieved that made him a millionaire. As well as saying he is now the most profitable player in Samba history, the pro also revealed his “secret” to reaching the final table: buying a special item to bring him good luck.

The player from Rio de Janeiro – far from superstitious – said his “fitting consolation prize of €1,048,000” was the best moment of his life, admitting he “already knew “It’s coming. That’s because he bought an elephant and a bracelet worth the grand prize.

“It was a quiet day. I bought an elephant and a bracelet from an African boy who came to sell it to me. The elephant means a lot to me, it is in my life Very important. I once bought an elephant and put it butt towards the front door and it worked perfectly. Yesterday I did the same thing, I picked up my elephant and put it by the door and I knew I was going to get Great result.”

The now millionaire also joked that when he comes back he will continue to grind just as hard as he did after Brazil. But with the WCOOP just around the corner, he already has a goal in mind: “If the guys at Samba don’t put out some more expensive tournaments, I’m going to throw them all out the window,” he said in typical fashion. The game is over.

In an interesting interview, Siddons reveals the

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  • The text highlights João Sydenstricker’s impressive achievement of finishing second in the EPT Barcelona Main Event and becoming a millionaire. It also mentions his charismatic personality, his use of costumes and jokes during the event, and his humorous interview discussing his success and superstitions. Overall, it portrays Sydenstricker as a memorable and entertaining player in Brazilian poker history.

  • This text is about João Sydenstricker, a Brazilian poker player who achieved exceptional success at the EPT Barcelona Main Event. He not only displayed outstanding skills in the game but also entertained the audience with his costumes and jokes. With over €1 million in his account, he became a millionaire and jokingly credited his good luck to buying an elephant and a bracelet.

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    This text describes João Sydenstricker’s historic second place finish at the EPT Barcelona Main Event, where he won over €1 million and made Brazilian poker history. Sydenstricker’s colorful personality, costumes, and jokes made him a standout player during the event, and his superstitions, such as buying an elephant for good luck, added to his charm and success.

  • This text highlights João Sydenstricker’s historic achievement at EPT Barcelona, where he finished second in the Main Event and won over €1 million. Known for his charismatic personality and superstitions, Sydens jokingly credited an elephant and a bracelet for his success. His entertaining antics and successful performance make him a memorable figure in Brazilian poker history.

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