Ricardo Nascimento turns the tables on $113,000 in $525 Bounty Hunter HU

Ricardo Nascimento turns the tables on $113,000 in...

Finally, another Brazilian won a six-figure sum on the GGPoker felt on Sunday. In the $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event, Ricardo Nascimento was defeated heads-up after Argentina’s Christian “Tara_Duuu” Sare won a series of big pots. The winner took home $137,753, while the runner-up added $113,312.

Ricardo is one of the shortest stacks in the FT. In the 8-man race, he successfully counterattacked and took the lead. Going all-in preflop, the Brazilian held out with K♣8♥ against “Alw4yssinduc3’s” A♣A♠, but an advantage of Q♥J♦10♣8♣8♦ brought him out of the final.

Ricciardo became increasingly aggressive, knocking out four more opponents to take a nearly 4-1 lead heading into the heads-up. Early in the tournament, Sare called Ricardo’s 3-bet all-in on a flop of 10 5 ♥ 10 ♣ and showed 10 ♥ 4 . The leader of the “RegAposentado” account is mainly 6 ϋ6♠, but is still at a disadvantage on the 4♣ and the river 9♠.

At the same level, Sare doubled his chips again. After opening the board with 5♥A♠Q♦5♣2♦, he pushed his chips to the middle of the table and saw Ricardo call with 7♠5♦. With 4♣3♦, Sare takes the lead.

Less than five minutes later, here’s how Sare ended:

With the blinds at 500,000/1,000,000 and the ante at 150,000, Sare went all out. – before Ricardo raised the stakes to 3,000,000. The flop came 2♦4♠J♣ and Ricardo bet 3,465,001. Sare then decided to call, seeing the turn card 4♥. After Ricardo checked, Sare bet 6,615,001 and called. Finally, on the river 10♣, Ricardo checked again. Sare went all-in for 41,894,606 without a second thought. Ricardo called and showed Q♣J♥ for 26,497,640. Sarai won the championship with K♣4♣.

Ricardo Nascimento turns the tables on $113,000 in...

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  • This text describes a Brazilian player, Ricardo Nascimento, who made an impressive comeback in a poker tournament but ultimately finished as the runner-up. The winner, Christian Sare, from Argentina, took home a significant cash prize.

  • This text is describing a Brazilian poker player, Ricardo Nascimento, who made it to the final table of a tournament, but ultimately lost heads-up to an Argentine player. The Argentine player won a sizable cash prize, while Ricardo ended up as the runner-up.

  • It seems like a thrilling and intense poker tournament with a Brazilian player making an impressive run but ultimately being defeated by an Argentinean player. The final hand where Sare won with K♣4♣ against Q♣J♥ shows the unpredictability and excitement of the game.

  • Ransom.ankunding

    It seems like a thrilling and intense poker match between two skilled players. The back-and-forth action and dramatic final hands must have made for an exciting tournament to watch unfold.

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