Find out about all the exclusive promotions from the GGPoker Winter Giveaway

Find out about all the exclusive promotions from t...

GGPoker’s Christmas gift will be big. To thank the players who have dedicated their lives to the site, a winter giveaway series will give away $23 million in exclusive promotions.

Between December 15th and 26th, the daily giveaway will be the 12 Days of Christmas Box. This way, during these 12 days, players will win $100,000 in freerolls, Sit & tickets instead of $0.25 and $1 tickets in daily draws. Get up to $50 worth of Go tickets and tons of C$ (cash play currency) to have fun on the platform.

December 27 GGCare and GGCheers from 1 to 1 January will be replaced by the #ThanksGG2023 Flipout and guaranteed $1,000,000. In addition, Pro Team “ElkY” Grospelier will be on GGPoker YouTube Winners announced during an exclusive broadcast on the channel.

If that’s not enough, grinders have another surprise. From January 1st to 12th, they can complete all 12 tasks on the platform , which will earn them a spot in the Flipout Championship, with prizes worth $2,000,000. With just three missions completed, you’re already in the big game of flipping. However, the more missions you complete, the higher your prize will be.

Find out about all the exclusive promotions from t...

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  • Samir.reinger

    This text presents GGPoker’s upcoming Christmas giveaway, offering players the opportunity to win $23 million in exclusive promotions. The promotion includes daily giveaways, freerolls, Sit & Go tickets, cash play currency, and a Flipout Championship with prizes worth $2,000,000. It seems like a generous and exciting opportunity for dedicated GGPoker players.

  • This text announces a generous Christmas giveaway from GGPoker, with $23 million worth of exclusive promotions and prizes for dedicated players. The 12 Days of Christmas Box will offer $100,000 in freerolls and Sit & Go tickets, while the #ThanksGG2023 Flipout event on January 1st will have a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000. Completing missions on the platform will also give players a chance to participate in the Flipout Championship with prizes worth $2,000,000.

  • Leopold.gleichner

    I think this text highlights the generous Christmas giveaways offered by GGPoker, with a total of $23 million in exclusive promotions. Players can win a variety of prizes including freerolls, tickets, cash play currency, and a chance to compete in the Flipout Championship with prizes worth $2,000,000.

  • I think the text is exciting, as it mentions a generous Christmas gift from GGPoker worth $23 million. The promotions, giveaways, and exclusive events mentioned seem like a great thank you to dedicated players on the platform.

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