BSOP Millions: Willian Cestari takes first place overall

Willian Cestari is crowned BSOP 2023 Overall Champ...

Winning the leaderboard during a poker round requires a lot of effort and willpower across multiple stages. Many names stood out at this year’s BSOP, fighting for the title until the very end. Ultimately, it was Espírito Santo’s Willian Cestari who emerged victorious in thrilling fashion.

Willian, a former civil servant, started dedicating more time to poker during the pandemic, but has been playing poker since 2006. In 2007, when he was in college in the town of Itapemilin Cachoero. Champions study independently using free materials and courses provided by Caio Pessagno. This led to many championships in the Espírito Santo state championship, but the icing on the cake came on November 29th.

After an incredible start to the Iguazu leg, William won three events and five at the tournament. At the final table, the player proved to be a millionaire. one of the candidates, rising from 18th to the top of the standings. The champion holds a 49-point lead over Gabriel Baleeiro to claim buy-in to all major events for the 2024 season and a whopping R$250,000 in prize money.

He must Facing strong competitors such as Gabriel Baleeiro, Dodô Oliveira, Fernando, Araújo and the first team, the task he had to complete in the BSOP Millions was to surpass his opponents, which he achieved with a score of 15 ITMs. William ultimately won the BSOP 2023 overall championship with 3,148 points. In total there were 6 titles and 15 final tables.

“I was happy. After the Winter Million, when nothing happened, I thought “that’s it.” But what happened to Foz was weird. I threw five in a row. Throwing free throws and striking out three. There was no way not to run. I got to the cake and came to the million with a scheduled grid. I was in all the games, was in two games at the same time, was running around the room. I had no priorities The Main Event or the Starter Event, although they deserve a lot of points. It takes a lot of time. I focused on the similarities and I got to a lot of final tables. I got the lead,” Valero was close in the final period, but I’m glad I put some fat on it and it worked,” he said.

After not scoring any good goals the past few days on the final day of the BSOP Millions, William had to His opponents held out hope because if he won the Mixed Dealer’s Choice 20 games, the title would slip from his hands. In the end, Valero was nearly eliminated in the bubble and failed to score.

“Gabriel is my friend now. I didn’t know him before, but we became closer through the game. Dodô and Índio are also great. Valero, who plays a mixed game, is very diligent. I don’t play most of these games, but it’s not that I don’t know them, I don’t even know the rules. When I played today, I just focused on selecting the buttons I knew. It’s healthy competition, everyone wants to outdo the other. I didn’t stay and cheer, I thought it was unethical. It’s what God wanted and “it’s going well,” he said.

During the interview, William recalled a very special person who accompanied him throughout his life and supported him throughout his career. He became emotional as he paid tribute to his late father: “He has always been very supportive of this title, it belongs to him and I’m sure he would be proud wherever he is,” he concluded.

See the top 10:

1 – Willian Cestari – 3,148

2 – Gabriel Baleeiro – 3,099

3 – Dodô Oliveira – 2,967

4 – Fernando Araujo – 2,536

5 – Lionel Garza – 2,429

6 – Celso Sirtoli – 2,333

7 – Bruno Porto – 2,077

8 – Leo Raja – 1,883

9 – José Geraldo “Radio” – 1,697

10 – Anthony Barranqueros – 1,548

Willian Cestari is crowned BSOP 2023 Overall Champ...

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  • This text describes the journey of Willian Cestari in becoming the champion of the BSOP poker tournament. It highlights his dedication and skill in the game, as well as his emotional tribute to his late father.

  • This text discusses Willian Cestari’s triumph in the poker tournament BSOP, highlighting his journey and accomplishments. It mentions his dedication and success in the competition, ultimately winning the championship.

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    This text highlights the impressive journey of Willian Cestari in the world of poker, showcasing his dedication and success in winning the BSOP 2023 overall championship. His hard work, skill, and emotional tribute to his late father make his victory even more meaningful.

  • This text highlights the impressive journey of poker player Willian Cestari who emerged victorious in the BSOP tournament. His dedication and hard work paid off, leading him to win the overall championship with a significant lead over his competitors. His emotional tribute to his late father adds a touching element to his success story.

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