BSOP Millions: Rafa Silva Leads Day 1 of PLO Main Event

Rafa Silva stacks up huge chips and leads Day 1 of...

One of the most anticipated tournaments in the BSOP Millions program for Four Card Stud fans kicked off on Monday (20th) with a star-studded field. The R$3,000 buy-in PL Omaha had 212 registrants and 66 players made it to the final day.

Topping the list is Rafa Silva from Paraiba, a PixPoker ambassador who has participated in BSOP Millions and has done so and delivered his message to his opponents. The star managed to collect a valuable 467,500 chips on day two of the tournament.

Which , only Túlio Toledo comes close. Players from the city of Olympia have a total of 426,500 chips. Gabriel Felix (387,500), Guido Anthony (326,000), Rafael Ohiro (245,000), Celso Sirtoli (223,000), Paolo Gini (190,000), La Phil Bryan (137,500), Mateusz Pimenta (134,500) and Pablo Menezes (107,000) are some of the matches Day 2 will begin on Tuesday (21st) at 2pm . With blinds at 1,000/2,000, the stakes are high. Registration will remain open until play resumes, with blinds changing every 50 minutes. Anyone arriving late will receive 40,000 chips or 20 big blinds.

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RAFAEL DA SILVA PEREIRA DA COSTA 467500 JOAO PESSOA PB Brazil Table 12 Position 5 Tulio Henrique De Toledo 426500 OLIMPIA SP Brazil Table 7 Position 4 Gabriel Henrique Felix Nogueira 387500 BELO HORIZONTE MG Brazil Table 10 Position 5 Guido Antonio Alves Drumond 326000 Belo Horizonte MG Brazil Table 4 Position 6 Jefferson Silva Brayner De Oliveira 285000 Sao Paulo SP Brazil Table 9 8 Igor Rezende De Menezes 265500 Frutal MG Brazilian table 12 places 8 Rafael Oshiro 245500 Garca SP Brazilian table 3 places 7 DIOJI IKEDA 242000 INHUMAS GO Brazilian table 9 places 1 Sergio Augusto Roberti Dos Santos 238000 Sao Paulo SP Brazilian table 3 Position 3 Celso Luis Sirtoli 223000 Caxias Do Sul RS Brazil Table 2 Position 2 Thiago Vespa 204500 São Paulo Sao Paulo Brazil Table 5 Position 8 Aberivaldo Leite Da Rocha 198000 SAO MIGUEL DOS CAMPOS AL Brazil Table 4 Position 1 Pedro Todorovic Filho 191000 Sao Paulo SP Brazil Table 10 Position 7 Paulo Villena Gini 190000 Sao Paulo SP Brazil Table 5 Position 2 HAENDEL MOURAO LATARO HOEHNE 187500 BELO HORIZONTE MG Brazil Table 8 Position 7 Walter Gregorio De Morais Lima 182000 Tabira Pernambuco Brazil Table 7 Position 2 Sanyo Capobiango Soares de Moura 178500 Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais Brazil Brazil Table 6 Position 5 Vittor Hugo Machado Rego 169000 Manaus Amazonas Brazil Table 1 Position 2 Hanibaal El Saneh 1555500 SAO SAO PAULO SP LEBANON TABL Oliveira 137500 Itapaperinga São Paulo Brazil Table 1 Position 4 Otávio Frontino Peterle Modolo 137000 Vila Velha Espirito Santo Brazil Table 6 Position 7 Mateus Henri Que de Oliveira Pimmenta 134500 Belo Horizonte Table 4 Position 5 Lucas Peririza 113000 perdoes MG Brazil Table 8 Position 8 Rogerio Da Silva Motta 112500 Santo Andre SP Brazil Table 7 Position 6 Edilson Benedito Andrade Correa 109000 Botucatu São Paulo Brazil Table 5 Position 6 Pablo Almeida De Menezes 107000 Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil Table 11 Position 5 Francisco Benedito Baruffi Neto 105500 Porto Belo Santa Catarina Brazil Table 3 Position 2 Oliver Klaus Dickerhof 102000 São Paulo Paulo Sao Paulo Brazil Table 7 3rd place Rafael Da Silva Mota 102000 Sao Caetano Do Sul SP Brazil Table 1 8th EDUARDO HENRIQUE CARDOSO NEJAIM 102000 PE BRAZIL 8 TABLE 4 FELIPE ADAO VELLUDO 101500 RIBEIRAO PRETO SP BRAZIL TABLE 8 POSITION 2 ALEX SANDRO DE MENDONCA 100500 ESTRELA RS BRAZIL TABLE 2 POSITION 8 Joseph Rhys Sheppard 97500 Stevenege UK TABLE 5 Position 7 Brenno Vicente De Paula Junior 95000 Pouso Alegre MG Brazil Table 3 Position 8 Jose Heraldo Vaughan Junior 93000 Campinas SP Brazil Table 1 1 Carlos Guilherme Custodio Ferreira 89500 Florianópolis Santa Catarina Brazil Table 11 Position 1 Joao Victor De Oliveira Valadao 89000 Goiania Goiás Brazil Table 6 Position 3 Fabio Leal Vecchio Fernandes 89000 SAO PAULO SP Brazil Table 4 Position 4 Ualri Goes Araujo 86000 Manaus Amazonas Brazil Table 7 Position 1 Alisson Henrique Gigliotti 83000 Sabaudia PR Brazilian Table 12 Position 6 Saulo Galvao Sabioni 80000 Campo Grande MS Brazilian Table 9 Position 4 JOAO HENRIQUE DAUER 80000 BALNEARIO CAMBORIU SP Brazilian Table 3 Position 6 WALTRUDES JOSE DE SOUZA NETO 80000 SAO PAULO SP Brazilian Table 11 Position 6 FLAVIO RICARDO DE OLIVEIRA 7 8000 0 RS Brazil Table 6 Position 1 FERNANDO ALBUQUERQUE RODRIGUES 76500 GOIANIA SP Brazil Table 11 Position 2 Carolina Martins Mattos 74500 SAO PAULO SP Brazil Table 9 Position 5 Jaime Huayta Aguirre 70000 Cusco Bolivia Table 11 Position 8 Guilherme Coutinho Pita 69500 ​​​​​​RECIFE PE Brazil table 2 position 5 SAMUEL LASRY SITNOVETER 69000 SAO PAULO SP Brazil table 1 position 3 Fabio Omar Filomeno Andriolo 67000 Dolores Uruguay table 11 position 4 Luiz Claudio Santos Carneiro Da Cunha 63000 Iguaba Grande Rio de Janeiro Brazil table 9 position 7 Birger Maciel Larsen 61500 Trondheim Norway Table 8 Bit 6 Leonardo Viana Pastor 56500 Cáceres Mato Grosso Brazilian Table 12 Bit 4 Henrique Zilio Caetano 53000 Araraquara Sao Paulo Brazilian Table 12 Bit 3 Caique Nascimento De Morais 51000 Araruama RJ Brazilian Table 10 No. 6 Jose David Ferro Correa 51000 Buenos Aires ARG Argentina No. 1 Endre Sagstuen 49500 Porto Alegre RS Norwegian No. 8 No. 3 Jose Orlando Fernandes Scarano 49000 Vilhena Rondônia Brazilian No. 12 Marco Bertolino 48500 PRADO BA Brazilian No. 6 3rd place 1 GUSTAVO DE AZEVEDO PEREIRA 46000 OSASCO SP 8th place in the Brazilian table 4 Johnatan Oliveira da Silva 40000 Florianópolis Santa Catarina 8th place in the Brazilian table Renato Mangano Da Silva Miranda 28000 Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil Table 9 No. 2 JOSE ROBERTO CIRELLI DE ALMEIDA 23000 SANTO ANDRE SP Brazil Table 11 Position 3 Felipe Campins 21500 Buenos Aires Brazil Table 2 Position 1 Halisson Hoan Beilke Mussoline 500 Santa Cruz do Sul Rio Grande do Sul Brazil Table 10 Position 1

Rafa Silva stacks up huge chips and leads Day 1 of...

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  • This text provides information about a Four Card Stud tournament within the BSOP Millions program. It mentions the number of registrants, the top players, and their chip counts. It also includes details about the schedule and blind structure of the tournament. Overall, it appears to be a comprehensive update on the tournament for fans and participants to stay informed.

  • This text provides information about a Four Card Stud tournament in the BSOP Millions program. It mentions that the tournament had a star-studded field and had 212 registrants with 66 players making it to the final day. It also mentions the chip counts of some of the players, including the top players Rafael Silva and Túlio Toledo. The text also mentions the start time and blind structure for the next day of the tournament. It provides a full chip count list of the players remaining in the tournament. Overall, the text provides specific details about the tournament and the players involved.

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    This text provides a detailed overview of the PL Omaha tournament at BSOP Millions, highlighting the top players and their chip counts as they head into the final day of competition. It gives insight into the participants, their cities, and their positions at the tables. The text creates anticipation for the upcoming matches and emphasizes the high stakes involved in the tournament. Overall, it serves as a comprehensive update for fans and enthusiasts of Four Card Stud poker.

  • This text provides detailed information about a poker tournament, specifically the PL Omaha event in the BSOP Millions program. It highlights the top players and their chip counts, as well as details about the structure of the tournament. It seems to be written for fans of Four Card Stud and poker enthusiasts, providing updates on the event’s progress. Overall, it is informative and caters to a specific audience interested in poker tournaments.

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