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Barto Belluscio leads in decider of KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event

Barto Belluscio leads in decider of KSOP GGPoker S...

The final table of the largest tournament in KSOP GGPoker history was formed in the early hours of the morning. As is customary on the country’s +EV circuit, the Brazilian faced several foreigners in the battle for the main event bracelet, one of whom was at the front of the queue. Argentinian player Barto Belluscio of folklore has 15,150,000 in chips, while Diogo Pereira from Rio de Janeiro has 11,700,000.

Barto will be joined by compatriots Christian Sare and Fabián Ortiz in the return Riocentro of Barra da Tijuca. . On the final hand of Day 4, Salé managed to flip and burst the Financial Times bubble. He defeated Rubens Bicalho’s 6♦6♣ with K ♦J♣ and saw the river J♠ end his opponent’s involvement.

Germany’s Damian Plank could also disrupt Brazil’s squad. He currently sits in seventh place with 4,575,000 chips.

All nine finalists had over 24 hours to prepare for the Million Dollar Playoffs. The match will take place on Wednesday the 7th at 3:00 pm (Brasília time) with blinds of 75,000/150,000, BB-Ante. You have been awarded R$155,000.

Number of chips

1. Julio Bellucio (Argentina) 15,150,000

2. Diogo Pereira (Brazil) 11,700,000

3. Urreira (Brazil) 7,650,000

4. Christian Salé (Argentina) 7,150,000

5. Bernardo Set (Brazil) 5,755,000

6. Pedro Maia (Brazil) 5,350,000

7. Damien Planck (Germany) 4,575,000

8. Rafael Façanha (Brazil) 4,275,000

9. Fabián Ortiz (Argentina) 3,450,000


1. 2,000,000 reals

2. 1,200,000 reais

3. 725,000 reais

4. 455,000 reais

5. 330,000 reais

6. 262,000 reais

7. 214,000 reais

8. R$ 181,200

9. R$ 155,000

Barto Belluscio leads in decider of KSOP GGPoker S...

KSOP SA: Dan Cates misses bluff and is eliminated from the main event

KSOP GGPoker SA: This is short-lived! Dan Cates' b...

Dan Cates is one of the best players at the KSOP GGPoker South American table, but the jungler’s time in the Main Event was short-lived. The American, who arrived in costume and mask, was eliminated on day two after a bluff failed to get past Brazilian Dionata Andrade.

The game starts with blinds of 1,000/2,000. Jungleman had 57,500 in chips and decided to raise 5,000 from the hijack. From the small blind, Dionata called with 194,000 in chips.

On the flop, the Brazilian started with a check. Cates made a continuation bet of 5,000, which was called by the Brazilian. The turn card showed that the Brazilian had a huge lead. The two decided to check.

The river brought some draws, but that didn’t scare Dionata, who bet 15,000 chips. After thinking for a moment, Cates planted the seeds of doubt in the Brazilian’s mind and announced that he was going all-in with the remaining 47,500 in his stack. Deonata had to think hard about what he was going to do, and his opponent even took off his mask to clearly see the outcome of the hand.

After using some reserve time, the Brazilian called the call: he eliminated Dan Cates from the Main Event and increased his stack to 256,000. For the American, who pledged to donate 7% of the total prize pool along with Felipe Mojave, the collapse of the tournament came much earlier than expected.

KSOP GGPoker SA: This is short-lived! Dan Cates' b...

Foxens strikes again, this time with Alex at the helm, winning the $25,000 Lucky Hearts Poker Open

Foxens strikes again, this time with Alex at the h...

The family is pure happiness. The new season is off to a great start for the two multiple Player of the Year winners in their respective categories.

At the first Poker Go Tour festival of the season, Kristen put in a stellar performance to win the $10,000 tournament. With the chips she won from Alex in the cooler, she prevailed at the final table.

A week later, the two met again at an internationally significant final table, the $25k High Roller event at the Lucky Hearts Poker Open.

This time, there was no direct showdown between the couples, with chip leader Kevin Rabichow Kristen taking the place of all four kings in the game, splitting the chips between both players and the flop , except Rabichow was able to complete a full house with another pair. Kristen finished fourth.

Rabichow also defeated Thomas Boivin, the defending champion of the $25,000 Hard Rock Poker Showdown tournament hosted by the same casino. In Florida.

As happened with Kristen in Aria, Alex was at a heads-up disadvantage and with a wide range of bet sizes, a very value situation came back. He went all-in on the AA749 table, triggered a high-Q call, and couldn’t beat his JJ.

Foxens strikes again, this time with Alex at the h...

Here you can find everything you need to set up a poker room

Here you can find everything you need to set up a...

Building an online poker room can be an exciting project, but before dealing the cards, it’s important to understand the key elements that make this virtual experience possible. In fact, some players have made the leap from the poker tables to becoming entrepreneurs or developers of the software.

Anyone with some interest and understanding of technology can understand to a greater or lesser extent what these elements are, but the average player often has no idea of ​​the development process and months involved in launching an online poker site. programming.

There is a saying, The world belongs to web developers, and there must be some truth to this, because figures like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have a lot of experience in this regard. Lots of knowledge. This is a good starting point for building a poker room.

The first thing you need to do is write the complete functionality of your website on paper; then choose the best programming language such as Python, Java or C# to write the code. This is the most important step, as poorly programmed lines can result in incorrect funds being received after cashing out the tournament.

Another fundamental aspect is the data storage that manages player information, transactions, and game history. The best known are MySQL or PostgreSQL, with which solvers and hand tracking programs operate.

Armored Poker Room

Once the entire back-end and functional part of the poker room is ready, focus on what is called the front-end or visual environment, which is nothing more than the interaction that players know. Ability to choose a table, sit at a table, imagine promotional pots and more. This can also be achieved through other types of programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Finally, there is the whole aspect of marketing, trademark registration, licensing and regulations that needs to be taken into account. If this part is not handled properly, all previous efforts may be wasted.

Building an online poker room requires the right choice of programming technology, the implementation of a reliable backend and an attractive user interface. Additionally, understanding and complying with local regulations is critical to ensuring the long-term success of your project.

Here you can find everything you need to set up a...

“S1NISTRO” Battle HR from Suprema Brazil

“S1NISTRO” Battle HR from Suprema Brazil

On Wednesday the 29th, ‘S1NISTRO’ announced the winner of the R$300 Battle HR 300K GTD in a very tight straight race at Suprema Brazil. With his victory, his balance increased by 44,347 reais. A total of 954 participants took part in the competition.

In the R$750 HighS 75K GTD competition, the ‘VENOM 32’ emerged victorious from a field of 79 entrants and took home R$21,332 in prize money. See other results:

See other results:

R$ 550 Omax HR 50K GTD (67 entries)

Winner: ” Ibrahimovic” R$ 13,533

Event 159 SMS: R$ 30 plus 100K GTD (2,190 entrants)

Winner: “Par Macho 22” R$ 13,285

Event 160 SMS: R$75 Re-entry 50K GTD (683 participants)

Winner: “Kemper” R$ 9,097

Event 158 ​​SMS: R$ 55 Battle 50K GTD (883 entrants)

Winner: “leowski” R$ 7,402

“S1NISTRO” Battle HR from Suprema Brazil

FSOP: Gurgel wins HR, Gui Alves leads ME Day 1A

Rodrigo Gurgel wins Candangão High Roller FSOP tit...

In poker events, the traditional high roller event is often one of the focal points for players because of its high prize pool and the allure of winning a tournament of this size. The FSOP in Candangão was no different, with Rodrigo Gurgel emerging victorious after three days of intense competition.

The regular player from Brasilia moved to the P2w club and deftly won the qualifying round of 84 entrants. R$3,000 buy-in tournament. Rodrigo Gurgel took home the beautiful FSOP trophy and a share of the prize pool of R$51,250.

Gurgel defeated Pedro Henrique Prado in the heads-up match and finished second for a prize of R$ 43,000. Meanwhile, third-place finisher Douglas Mendez was awarded R$26,000. Players reaching the High Roller final table include Humberto Alencar, Alexandre Kleftakis, Aurélio dos Santos, Mateus Rocha, Rafael Pereira and Daniel Brito.

The champion dominated the final table and took a huge lead in heads-up play. In the final hand, Gurgel held A6 preflop against Pedro Prado’s K9 and managed to hit top pair of 844A6 to end the game.

See the prize pool final table:

1. Location – Rodrigo Gurgel – R$ 51,2502nd place – Pedro Enrique Prado – R$ 43,0003rd Place – Douglas Mendez – R$26,0004th place – Humberto Alencar – R$ 18,3505th place – Alexander Klevtakis – R$ 13,5006th place – Aurélio dos Santos – R$ 10,0007th place – Mateus Rocha – R$ 8,0008th place – Rafael Pereira – R$ 6,5009th Place – Daniel Brito – R$ 5,400

View the last hand:

The FSOP Main Event also begins on Wednesday. The buy-in is R$1,000 and the guarantee is R$400,000, with 123 entrants registered on Day 1A. Good luck to Guilherme Alves, the chip leader with 441,000 chips.

There are six qualifying matches remaining in the tournament until Day 2 next Sunday.

Rodrigo Gurgel wins Candangão High Roller FSOP tit...

Find out about all the exclusive promotions from the GGPoker Winter Giveaway

Find out about all the exclusive promotions from t...

GGPoker’s Christmas gift will be big. To thank the players who have dedicated their lives to the site, a winter giveaway series will give away $23 million in exclusive promotions.

Between December 15th and 26th, the daily giveaway will be the 12 Days of Christmas Box. This way, during these 12 days, players will win $100,000 in freerolls, Sit & tickets instead of $0.25 and $1 tickets in daily draws. Get up to $50 worth of Go tickets and tons of C$ (cash play currency) to have fun on the platform.

December 27 GGCare and GGCheers from 1 to 1 January will be replaced by the #ThanksGG2023 Flipout and guaranteed $1,000,000. In addition, Pro Team “ElkY” Grospelier will be on GGPoker YouTube Winners announced during an exclusive broadcast on the channel.

If that’s not enough, grinders have another surprise. From January 1st to 12th, they can complete all 12 tasks on the platform , which will earn them a spot in the Flipout Championship, with prizes worth $2,000,000. With just three missions completed, you’re already in the big game of flipping. However, the more missions you complete, the higher your prize will be.

Find out about all the exclusive promotions from t...

FSOP: Thales Salomão wins Mixed Lowball title

FSOP: Thales Salomão shows his knowledge of the mi...

The penultimate day of the Candangão finals of the 2023 FSOP brought new emotions to the players. Now entering its home stretch, the series crowned another champion in the Mixed Gaming Championship and also sent more fighters into day two of the main event lightweight bout, the final big attraction on the card.

Veteran Thales Salomão stole the show during the final part of the P2W event in Brasilia on Tuesday. He showed a good knowledge of the mixed game and almost won the mixed lowball title at the end of the game, earning a nice trophy for his shelf and a nice prize in his pocket.

Buy Entry is R$150, Mixed Lowball, Candangão Event #17 has 31 entries. Thales Salomão, the best player in the field, took the lion’s share and walked away with a first prize of R$ 1,500. The last match was against Caio Correia, where he won R$910.

View the prize pools for the Mixed Lowball final table:

1. – Thales Salomão – 1,500 BRL2nd place – Caio Correia – R$ 9103rd place – Lucas Palma – R$ 6304th place – Victor Callegario – R$ 200

Main Event Lightweight

Tuesday not only crowned one of the final champions of the stage, but also ensured even more players qualified for the final day of action in the Main Event Lightweight division, which takes place today. With over 112 new entrants in the R$650 tournament, Cláudio Braga is the chip leader on Day 1B. He will return to the precious final day with 380,000 in chips.

The Candangão of the FSOP ends today with the Main Event Light itself and the final shot being the last chance for Brasilia players to compete for the trophy.

FSOP: Thales Salomão shows his knowledge of the mi...

BSOP Millions: Willian Cestari takes first place overall

Willian Cestari is crowned BSOP 2023 Overall Champ...

Winning the leaderboard during a poker round requires a lot of effort and willpower across multiple stages. Many names stood out at this year’s BSOP, fighting for the title until the very end. Ultimately, it was Espírito Santo’s Willian Cestari who emerged victorious in thrilling fashion.

Willian, a former civil servant, started dedicating more time to poker during the pandemic, but has been playing poker since 2006. In 2007, when he was in college in the town of Itapemilin Cachoero. Champions study independently using free materials and courses provided by Caio Pessagno. This led to many championships in the Espírito Santo state championship, but the icing on the cake came on November 29th.

After an incredible start to the Iguazu leg, William won three events and five at the tournament. At the final table, the player proved to be a millionaire. one of the candidates, rising from 18th to the top of the standings. The champion holds a 49-point lead over Gabriel Baleeiro to claim buy-in to all major events for the 2024 season and a whopping R$250,000 in prize money.

He must Facing strong competitors such as Gabriel Baleeiro, Dodô Oliveira, Fernando, Araújo and the first team, the task he had to complete in the BSOP Millions was to surpass his opponents, which he achieved with a score of 15 ITMs. William ultimately won the BSOP 2023 overall championship with 3,148 points. In total there were 6 titles and 15 final tables.

“I was happy. After the Winter Million, when nothing happened, I thought “that’s it.” But what happened to Foz was weird. I threw five in a row. Throwing free throws and striking out three. There was no way not to run. I got to the cake and came to the million with a scheduled grid. I was in all the games, was in two games at the same time, was running around the room. I had no priorities The Main Event or the Starter Event, although they deserve a lot of points. It takes a lot of time. I focused on the similarities and I got to a lot of final tables. I got the lead,” Valero was close in the final period, but I’m glad I put some fat on it and it worked,” he said.

After not scoring any good goals the past few days on the final day of the BSOP Millions, William had to His opponents held out hope because if he won the Mixed Dealer’s Choice 20 games, the title would slip from his hands. In the end, Valero was nearly eliminated in the bubble and failed to score.

“Gabriel is my friend now. I didn’t know him before, but we became closer through the game. Dodô and Índio are also great. Valero, who plays a mixed game, is very diligent. I don’t play most of these games, but it’s not that I don’t know them, I don’t even know the rules. When I played today, I just focused on selecting the buttons I knew. It’s healthy competition, everyone wants to outdo the other. I didn’t stay and cheer, I thought it was unethical. It’s what God wanted and “it’s going well,” he said.

During the interview, William recalled a very special person who accompanied him throughout his life and supported him throughout his career. He became emotional as he paid tribute to his late father: “He has always been very supportive of this title, it belongs to him and I’m sure he would be proud wherever he is,” he concluded.

See the top 10:

1 – Willian Cestari – 3,148

2 – Gabriel Baleeiro – 3,099

3 – Dodô Oliveira – 2,967

4 – Fernando Araujo – 2,536

5 – Lionel Garza – 2,429

6 – Celso Sirtoli – 2,333

7 – Bruno Porto – 2,077

8 – Leo Raja – 1,883

9 – José Geraldo “Radio” – 1,697

10 – Anthony Barranqueros – 1,548

Willian Cestari is crowned BSOP 2023 Overall Champ...

BSOP Millions: 49 Players Booked Seats for Day 2 of ME

49 players enter BSOP Millions Main Event Day 1H T...

Main Event No. 1H Turbo is another qualifier taking place at BSOP Millions on Tuesday night (21st), and many players are looking forward to the next day’s action. Out of 112 contestants, only 49 made it to the next stage of the competition.

The chip leader is Mexican player Victor Flores with 319,000 chips. The top three chips are Raphael Costa (201,500) and Chilean/Chinese player Hua He (188,000).

Two of the highlights are Veterans Paulo Cesar Ribeiro, also known as “PC Portuga” with 177,500 players and Leandro Andreazzi, RPSOP member. 152,000. Vitor Dzivielevski (110,500), Erik Marasco (93,000), Leonel Garza (92,000), Gualter Salles (52,000), Gabriel Baleeiro (49,500), Júlio Steffen (43,500), Fábio Issa (40,000) and Paulo Santiago (27,500) are some of them They are qualifiers.

The final two qualifiers for the BSOP Millions Main Event will take place this Wednesday. Day 2 is divided into two parts, with Day 2A consisting of players from Days 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E and 1F and will begin on Thursday at 2pm. Day 2B is Friday and has 1G, 1H, 1I and 1J. So far, there are 2,315 entrants and 977 qualified players.

Check out Day 1H chip counts below:


Victor Alfonso Rodriguez Flores 319000 Mexico No. 248 RAPHAEL RIBEIRO DA COSTA 201500 SANTOS SP Brazil No. 233 Huahe 188000 Santiago Chile No. 208 Position 4 Paulo Cesar Figueiredo Ribeiro 177500 Belem PA Brazil No. 217 Cristiano Josefe GUIMARAES TEIXEIRA 1670 0 0 Britti Allegri GO Brazil Table 246 Position 6 MATEUS MORAES FERNANDES 164500 BRASILIA DF Brazilian Table 238 Position 3 PIETRO UMBERTO CHIAVASSA 161500 SAO PAULO SP Brazilian Table 216 Position 4 Luiz Otavio Lagares Rolim 160000 Pará de Minas Minas Gerais Brazilian Table 233 Position 7 Eduardo Morais de Carvalho 1 52500 Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazilian Table 225 Position 2 Leandro da silva andreazzi 152000 São Josédorio rio rio preto Sao Paulo Brazilian Table 205 Position 6 Fabian Esteban Jimenez Garrido 130000 CHILE 130000 CHILE 130000 CHILE TABL Lesta 11900 0 Buenos Aires Argentina 218 6th place HOMAR RASSI NETO 117000 Goiania GO Brazil 229 8th place VITOR HUGO M DZIVIELEVSKI 110500 Curitiba PR Brazil 235 7th place Gilberto Tavares Conrado Junior 103000 Goiania Goiás Brazil 217 6th place Erik Marasco Vent Schmidt 93000 Sao Paulo SP Brazil 210 Position 6 Leonel Guerra Garza 92000 Monterrey Nuevo León Mexico 239 Position 1 Thiago Franco Martins Carvalho 91500 Itajaí Santa Catarina Brazil 241 Position 7 Mateus Araujo Alves 90500 Belo Horizonte Minas Very happy Brazil table 227 Position 8 Alexandro Ferner and Alexandro Ferner and Alexandro Ferner and Alexandro Ferner. Teixeira Silva 76000 Vitória da Conquista Bahia Brazil 207 Position 8 DIOJI IKEDA 75500 INHUMAS GO Brazil 215 Position 6 Marcio Celestino Da Silva 73500 RJ Brazil 213 Position 5 Javier Eduardo Zaldo 73000 Amenabar 554 Argentina 211 Position 7 GUILHERME SAZ Dos Santos 71500 Crisiuma SC Brazilian table 236 8th place Washington Saba Peralta Mujica 66000 Peru Lima table 219 1st place Victor Gomes de Castro 57500 Laguna Santa Catarina Brazilian table 212 2nd place Gustavo Fae Narducci 57000 Campinas Sp Brazilian table 6 Leonardo Filgueiras Dias Mattos 54000 Salvor Ba Brazilian table 207 Position 2 MARCUS VINICIUS SANTOS NOBREGA 53000 Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazilian table 248 Position 7 Gualter Salles 52500 Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazilian table 238 Position 7 Giorgio Tonin Prestes Da Silva 52500 Passo Fundo Rio Grande do Sul Brazilian table 25 3 Position 2 ARTHUR DE SOUZA TORRES BARRETO 50500 PB Brazilian Table 249 Position 3 Gabriel Jansen Falcão Baleeiro 49500 Salvador Ba Brazilian Table 220 Position 1 Victor Murilo de Jesus Andreoletti 48000 Manaus Amazon Brazilian Table 212 Position 8 Kalebe Tobias da Silva 46000 Uberlandia MGIL IT ITIAL IT ITICIA MGIL ITS MOSIGAI SP IGIG Table 221 Position 4 Gabriel Moreira uberlandia mgiS it Brazil Table 235 Position 4 Sergio Augusto Eckert 45500 São Sebastião do Caí Rio Grande do Sul Brazil Table 252 Position 4 Julio Pulrolnik Steffen 43500 Santa Rosa RIO GRANDE DO SUL Brazil Table 204 Position 4 Fabio Jorge Issa Gomes 40000 BELO HORIZONTE MG Brazil Table 244 Position 1 Renato Barbosa Machado 39000 UBERLANDIA MG Brazil Table 230 Position 8 MARCOS ROBERTO DOS SANTOS 36500 TOLEDO PR Brazil Table 231 Position 3 EDUARDO DANIELLI GIONGO 36000 SAO CARLOS SC BRAZIL Table 203 Position 6 Matheus Leite Rabelo 34000 Contagem Minas Gerais Brazil Table 215 Position 2 Vanderson Ize Marangoni 29000 Sideropolis SC Brazil Table 202 Position 6 Charles Costa De Melo 28500 SAO CAETANO SP Brazil Table 202 Position 1 Paulo Santiago 27500 Curiti Brazil PR Brazilian Table 201 Position 2 Marcio Lessa Amorim 128 SAO PAULO SP Brazilian Table 210, Position 5

49 players enter BSOP Millions Main Event Day 1H T...

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